Twelve headline indicators were selected to show the implications of current trends of driving forces and how they affect the state of environmental resources. Past trends were analized, looking back on the last twenty years since 1990, to show patterns of change to the present (2010), and the implications of those trends if they continue for a further 20 years (2030) - in order to give a perspective of past, present and future trends. Indicators of social and economic trends were selected to show the interconncections and interrelationships between social, economic and environmental variables. These and additional indicators should be periodically updated, to keep an eye on current trends and identify emerging trends in the future.

The headline indicators were analyzed by Dr. Amir Eidelman and Ms. Yael Yavin.

Driving Forces  State of the Environment
GDP and GINI index

Emissions of sulfur oxides

Disposable income per capita

Emissions of nitrogen oxides

Energy consumption
Water consumption
Greenhouse gas emissions
Transportation – car ownership and distance travelled
Groundwater salinity
Urban waste

Built-up areas and open areas

Wellbeing indicators

Composite indices

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