Research Team

Initiators of the project

Ms.Galit Cohen, Deputy Director General, Planning & Sustainability, Ministry of Environmental Protection 

Ms.Valerie Brachya, Director , Environmental Policy Center, Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies 

Project  Management

Ms.Valerie Brachya, Director,  Environmental Policy Center, Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies

Project  Coordination

Ms. Galit Hazan, Projects Coordinator, Environmental Policy Center, Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies

Mr. Yuval Laster, Head of Environmental Policy Division, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Ms. Rotem Shamay, Environmental Policy Coordinator, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Research Assistant

Mr. Ori Gonen,  Environmental Policy Center, Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies

Research Team

Lead Experts

Scenario building, Professor  Shlomo Hasson, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Policy packages, Professor Eran Feitelson, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Participating Experts

Indicators for Sustainability, Dr. Amir Eidelman and Ms. Yael Yavin

Economy and Trade, Dr. Doron Lavee Tel-Hai Academic College and Mr.Tomer Ash, Pareto Group (consultants)

Energy, Dr. Amit Mor, Mr. Shimon Sarussi and Mr. Malcolm Ainspan, Ecoenergy (consultants)

Land and Space, Arch.Dan Stav, former Deputy Director General, Planning and Development, Israel Land Administration

Water, Mr.Shimon Tal, Tal Consultants, former Israel Water Commissioner

Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services, Professor Uriel Safriel, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Social Aspects relating to the Environment. Dr. Yaacov Garb, Ben Gurion University

Consumption Patterns and the Environment, Dr. Yaacov Garb and Dr. Ron Horn, Ben Gurion University

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, Ms.Tzruya Chebach (consultant)

Sustainable Management of Minerals for Industry, Dr. Vered Blass, Tel-Aviv University

Marine Spatial Management, Dr. Michelle Portman, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Workshops Participants

Scenario Building workshops:

Ms.Valerie Brachya, Ms. Galit Cohen, Dr. Vered Blass, Dr. Lia Ettinger, Professor. Eran Feitelson, Dr. Yaacov Garb, Mr. Ori Gonen, Professor Shlomo Hasson, Ms.Galit Hazan, , Prof. Uriel Safriel, Dr. Moshe Yanai, Mr. Amit Yagur-Krol, Ms. Rotem Shamay

Policy packages workshops:

Mr.Guy Avrutzky, Ms.Valerie Brachya, Dr. Vered Blass, Dr. Sigal Blumenfeld, Ms. Galit Cohen, Dr. Ran Cohen, Dr. Lia Ettinger, Professor Eran Feitelson, Ms.Gali Glat-Simhi, Mr. Ori Gonen, Professor Shlomo Hasson, Dr. Miriam Haran, Mr. Ran Haklai, Ms. Galit Hazan, Mr. Meir Krauss, Dr. Dan Kaufman,  Dr. Doron Lavee, Mr. Yuval Laster, Mr. Yonatan Oren, Dr. Chaim Pialkof, Adv. Eitan Parnas, Arch. Dan Stav, Ms. Rotem Shamay

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